Artist & Painter “Jamming” Together

In the summer of 2013 Russ was invited to a gallery opening in the beautiful L’Auvergne region of France.

While enjoying the spectacular art on display, he was introduced to Philippe Tallis, featured artist of the show.  Philippe suggested they “jam” together, painter and musician, observing, listening and creatively interacting exactly as would a contemporary jazz duo — and thus, a great notion was born.

With shared enthusiasm and growing mutual respect, Russ and Philippe began to “play” together and, over the course of a lip-achingly long time, a unique moment was captured, both visual and musical.  Both Russ and Philippe are very eager for more opportunities in the future for further exploratory collaborations. 

Russ Little – Live at The White House

Live performance on October 25th 2015, at the White House in Orlando, Florida.   Russ Little, Marty Morell & friends.